Saturday, August 25, 2012

When you leave Earth, you become an Alien

Things change. Even friends, even how they are to you, and you to them. If you leave a place for another (or if you decide to go back home), sometimes you will feel alienated. From being a friend, to an acquintance.

But there are some who will always be there for you, but, not the same. They are either settled, and whatever friendship you had before will be least of his or her priority.

In the end, it will always be you alone. You will get support, but, not the reinforcement.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

humans and the animal kingdom

i am amazed with the komodo dragons. they are the largest lizards in the world, and can be found in komodo island in indonesia.

they are ferocious and cunning animals. they are good swimmers, they climb trees, and they are very fast. there were recorded cases that they ate children and a journalist.

how do they attack?

komodo dragons have a unique way in killing their prey. their saliva is consists of bacteria. they only need one bite, and once they did, they will patiently wait for their victim to die due to infection. the bacteria in their saliva attacks the cardiovascular system of it's victim. after few days, they will track down their prey using their tongue, and will consume their meal in a matter of minutes, leaving no leftovers, not even bones.

in relation to humans, there are people that are like komodo dragons. they don't consume meat, but, they feed on opportunities. so even if their desired scenario is not yet possible, they will take a bite on every opportunity that will cause trouble to a person, a group or a relationship, and then will eventually feast on the result.

sorry guys, i like relating human existence to the animal kingdom.

one more example...

predators, lions specifically, does not hunt random wildebeest in a herd. they will look for the weakest member and group and will focus their attack on it. young, injured, thin - these are their prime targets. why? because they know they can injure themselves, and they will want to conserve their energy. chasing the healthy prey is practical for them.

us humans are the same. we attack the weak spot of a person, and nurture our investment.

men for example. us guys we seek a girl's weak spot. depending in our objective. if we just wanna have sex, we invite women to a couple of drinks, and the rest is history (depends on the guy's capabilities).

some befriend the girl's friends. get close relationships with the family. some buy them dogs, or cats - because they know they are cute and everytime the girl sees the new pet, it will remind her of the guy who gave it to her. some will treat girls to fancy restaurants. we have ways to attack the weak spot. it's in our nature.

                                                                           * * *

Sunday, January 02, 2011


today is the second day of the year. and it's pretty much normal. for some reason, i haven't felt the same vibes i had last year. maybe because i have my goals already set before the new year? most of my goals are more on material and career. i want to fulfill the reason why i am here in singapore.

i am thankful for 2010 for being kind to me. i didn't expect me spending some time and career in other countries, but so far, i love what i am doing, my job and the people around me. every tick of the clock is like an experience so extraordinary.

2010 was indeed a rollercoaster ride for me. i made new friends, and made some people mad at me because of my impulsive decisions, and being irresponsible. i am really sorry, i hope you now understand that during those days, i really don't want to lose focus in achieving my goals. the decision was right, but, my actions were not nice.

when i left for singapore, i missed a lot of events. birthdays, weddings, christmas and new year in the philippines. i think it's worth it, because i know it's for a better cause. and i thank my teracomm apac family for giving me this opportunity.

my first two weeks were the most difficult part, but the most exciting. i learned a lot from my job... and still learning more. the adjustment period was a hell, and challenging. i am learning stuff i didn't got from school like basic programming (i need more feed!), personal lessons from what was thought in college like media management, pr, graphic design, layout, etc.

what scares me is my bosses' expectations. this is one of the biggest test. if i don't make it, i hope i can find a replacement as good as teracomm. as cool as the people... or maybe better.

that's it for now... i have to park my pen. bye!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

joey de leon, ang galing!

i was listening to 'saabmarine' earlier, with saab magalona and ra rivera, with special co-hosts jun sabayton and ramon bautista. ang cool ng event, kasi si joey de leon ang guest nila.

ang galing ni joey! henyo talaga. medyo hindi na bago mga jokes niya, pero magaling ang mga punchline and hirit niya.

words of wisdom from joey de leon:
"isa lang ang gusto ko sa buhay... Trabaho, Ipon, Travel, Enjoy. in short T.I.T.E."

Monday, September 06, 2010

another intuition :(

something in me is fading. why? because of facebook. i am consistent with what i feel when i know something is bound to happen.

few years ago, i felt the same when i saw a dream + this gut feeling. in my dream, someone i know will court my then love interest. i became paranoid, and she ended our "special friendship." true enough, that dream came to reality. now, they are married. i have no regrets. they're a great couple!

i was absent in facebook from yesterday noon, until this morning. i went home to batangas to fix some errands, and borrow money from my mother haha!

any effin' way, i checked someone's facebook and got that same intuition again. seeing the picture, i saw that one of the guys will become her boyfriend before christmas. romance will begin in november, though.

i am not a psychic! maybe it's just co-incidence in the past.

Sunday, September 05, 2010

mixed emotions

right now, i am at a state of... well i dunno. mixed emotions, and uncertainties.

anytime next week, the result of my application for a mobile content manager in singapore will come out. i am excited to go there and work. but, i am a bit scared because it's a new world ahead if i get it. i will be working with australians, europeans, singaporeans, etc. i don't know the reception among pinoys in sg, after the hostage-taking mishap in quirino grandstand. nevertheless, i am prepared.

i didn't expect myself to have an interest to work abroad. why? because i love the philippines. but, i came to a point where i got tired of life here: traffic, metro manila hassle, crime, security, low salary, too much emotional people, too much drama, etc. i love the philippines, don't get me wrong. but, i hate the system. i hate the government. i hate corruption, and how people respond to it.

singapore is one huge decision i made. there was doha and sg before. i picked sg because it's near. airfare is cheap specially where there are promos.

when i was in high school, i also had this feeling. i grew up and spent my whole life in the province of or. mindoro (my beloved). living a life in manila seemed exciting and scary. i was excited to go to malls, experience independence, and college life.

singapore, what do you have in store for me? well, my plan is to save money first. more money to help myself to become stable, travel, watch world cup 2012, get married, buy macbook and camera, house, vw beetle, damn i have lots of plan.

last week, i lost an inspiration/motivation to go to singapore. i am really sorry for the hassle i caused. she got mad and all. i don't think she'll ever talk to me again. i can't approach her or send her a message first. if losing her attention and interest to communicate is my consequence for the blunder, i can not argue anymore. i know my mistakes, and i am really sorry for it. i just hope she'd realize that things changed specially when i got know her more... when like grew more than just as simple emotion. lo siento senorita amr.

if i don't get this job, february is my plan b. no matter what, i will leave for singapore, with or without a job. maybe after singapore, jobs in australia, europe awaits me. good luck and God bless mr. walanjo man!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

i changed for the better

minsan iniisip natin, "bakit may mga taong ganito ang ugali?" naisip ko lang ito nitong mga nagdaang panahon. dumating sa puntong mahirap maglakbay ng may pabigat na bagahe. marami akong binabago sa sistema ko. marami akong masasamang bagay na tinanggal, mga bisyong hindi na ginagawa, at marami pa akong dapat baguhin sa sarili ko. aaminin ko, napakasarap ng pakiramdam sa bago kong buhay.

pero sa bago kong buhay, panahon na para sarili ko naman ang intindihin. ayaw ko na intindihin ang mga bagay na hindi ko gusto. ayaw ko magpadala sa mga imbitasyong pabalang. mas gusto ko ang quality time sa sarili, o kaya maghanap ng partner. matanda na ako. 29 na ako. layon ko na ang magkaroon ng girlfriend, at kilalanin siya. hindi na ako magpapabandying-bandying. wala na steady mode dahil hindi tanga ang Diyos. ayaw Niyang tatamad-tamad ang tao kakahintay at dasal na makilala na niya ang "the one" ng puso. dapat tayong kumilos para makilala ang one true love.

marami na akong hindi naeenjoy. sawa na ako sa buhay binata. ayaw ko na ng gimik, bisyo, night outs. gusto ko laging nasa bahay, nagpapahinga, nageexercise, nagjojogging, tumatakbo. ayaw ko na sa sigarilyo at alam. bukod sa may cyst ako sa kidney, personal na desisyon ko noon pa man ang clean living.

maraming nagsasabi na ang boring kong tao. hindi na ko umiinom at wala na ko bisyo. hindi ako mahilig sa one night stand, kasi gusto ko mahal ko ang taong niroromansa ko. ano naman ang masama run?!

ang pag-iwas ba sa bisyo eh kakulangan sa pagkatao? tarantado! kaya mo ba magpigil uminom sa parties? ako, kaya ko. nasasabihan na akong "pastor" at "kj" dahil sa bago kong lifestyle...

dudes, choice ko ito eh. ang mga desisyon nyo, pinapakiaalaman ko ba? hindi. ang mga trip nyo, binabatikos ko ba? hindi. oh eh bakit big deal? naiinggit kayo?

sabi ng close friends ko seasonal lang daw ako. eventually, babalik din ako sa bisyo ko. mag-iinom daw ulit ako, at maninigarilyo. tama kasi dati pa akong ganun. pero sana, respetuhin na lang ninyong lahat ang desisyon ko. i don't expect people to support me. just let me be. ok? mahirap ba yun?

this time, i will no longer adjust to people. and i don't want people to adjust for me. we are different individuals. people change. time change. and i changed, for the better.